Carbon Offsetting for Business

Are you a business with a need for Carbon credits? Are you already Carbon offsetting? Or would you just like to find out more. Contact us directly at

Here at MyTree we offer two ways to help your business become Carbon neutral.

  • We plant trees that produce a Carbon Offset you can use against your carbon footprint. You can have as few or as many trees as you need. Our planting resources are endless. Every year the trees grow you have more and more Carbon credits available. Carbon credits get calculated annually. One tree plus 4 meter square mixed grasslands will produce 250kg of offset in the first year. This increases every year. We can predict your future offset needs for you.
  • Our carbon pool/exchange lets you buy carbon credits directly from our users. Our current carbon credit price is £45 per tonne. We are extremely competitive. The average Uk Carbon tonne normally trades at £75. We are well below the market price.

All our Carbon Credits are UK generated from Geo-tagged trees, specifically planted for Carbon offsetting.

Examples of businesses that would engage with us for carbon offsetting.

  • An airline has a predictable annual target of carbon credits needed to offset flights. In this case, they purchase trees to have a recurring offset available. They also let passengers monitor the offset directly through the MyTree App.
  • A cosmetic brand launching a new product and wanting to offset the manufacturing process to make the product carbon neutral.
  • Any specific company, product, or brand with a want or need to become carbon neutral as a company, service, or product.

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