Carbon Tree Banking

Carbon Tree Banking.
A very topical area at the moment and great that people are wanting to actively make a change to help offset their carbon footprint. We want to provide the means to make it as easy as possible to do so. The trees in our park are a great provider of oxygen and help to lower our carbon footprint. We want to give the public control to manage this Carbon Offset, which is why we’re building an app that will allow individuals to calculate their carbon footprint. People can then buy or add a tree to their account and we will tell you how much oxygen your tree produces and how much it will reduce your carbon footprint by. As the tree grows it will produce more oxygen and becomes an investment in Carbon Offset credits. One can add trees to your account any time and send links to friends to encourage them to buy a tree to add to your collection. People can choose to use their Carbon Offset credits to offset their footprint or trade them on to others who have a need. As time goes by, the account grows to produce more and more carbon credits. This will be a low priced tree, starting at very affordable £25. Our trees are all UK based and you can visit them any time knowing your investment is safely growing for you. More and more companies are looking to become carbon neutral, for example, Easyjet just announced it will offset carbon emissions from all its flights by investing in tree projects. We are looking to create a pool of carbon offset credits that individuals will officially own and can use or sell on, all through our app.