Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    Simple choose a tree from this website. You can choose the type of tree and area it is planted in. You can add a commemorative plaque after choosing the tree. Some people buy a tree to mark a happy occasion like a wedding or birth of a child, others to remember their loved ones by. Once you have purchased the tree we will send you a certificate and map confirming your tree and exact location. If you have purchased a memorial plaque we will install it at your tree.
  • How do I order my tree?
    You can order online on this website, and pay through our secure worldpay payment system with all major debit/credit cards. Simply choose the tree you want and the area its planted in. Follow the steps online. All our trees are already planted and you can choose one or as many as you like.
  • Trees for what occasions?
    Some people like to reserve a tree for themselves and visit / watch it thrive over time. Mostly people buy a tree to scatter their ashes of their loved ones around the tree and make it a living memorial. Our beautiful landscaped gardens make a lovely setting to come and remember your loved ones in.
  • How many plaques can you have on a tree?
    Depending on the size of the tree, 3-5 on average. But we recommend just having the one.
  • How long will the tree live for?
    This is dependent on the species, please see our ‘trees’ section for a description of the different trees within the woodland.
  • Can I visit the tree at any time?
    Check the opening times on our website.
  • What happens if the tree perishes?
    In the unfortunate / unlikely event that your dedicated tree does not survive, another sapling will be planted in the same place at no extra cost.