Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I reserve a number of trees for my family?
    Yes, provided the trees / locations you choose have not already been reserved.
  • Can I have a bench dedicated in the woodland?
    Yes we have a number of benches available.
  • Do you have other woodlands in the UK?
    Currently we have one park available, located with great transport links and accommodation just of the M4 towards Reading. We have a number of other parks in development.
  • How many words can you have on a plaque, and how many plaques can you have at one tree?
    A plaque can fit 30-35 words on. Dates in number format i.e. “06.11.2012” is counted as one word. Dates in word format i.e. “6th November 2012” is counted as three words. We will send out a proof of your wording before having a plaque made either by email or post.
  • Can I choose the plot where my Memorial tree is planted?
    Yes, when you choose the tree you can choose the area.
  • Do you collect ashes from the funeral Directors?
    We kindly ask you to bring the ashes yourself for scattering.
  • Can I scatter on the ground at my tree?
    Yes you can. We also have a number of dedicated areas for Ash scattering as well as uniquely at our site in Sindlesham you can spread your ashes onto the river Loddon.