Carbon Offset Tree

Douglas Fir

  • Carbon Offset  Tree

Carbon Offset Tree

This is not a Memorial Tree but is only sold as a Carbon Offset Tree.

Our Young Douglas Fir Tree (40-60cm) is the perfect way to give back to nature and offset CO2.  This tree will stay in our park and grow more every year, offsetting 200kg of CO2 in the first year alone.   If you wish you can visit your tree anytime you like. This is not a memorial tree, please see our other trees available.

  • The average Carbon footprint for people in the United Kingdom is 6.50 tonnes (1000kg = 1tonne)
  • The average for the European Union is about 6.4 tonnes
  • The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 5 tonnes
  • If you buy 30 of these trees you would be completely Carbon Neutral and as the trees grow you would be generating even more.

Best Trees to Capture Carbon

Dave Nowak, a researcher at the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Research Station in Syracuse, New York, has studied the use of trees for carbon sequestration in urban settings across the United States. Douglas Fir was on top of his list.

Nowak advises urban land managers to avoid trees that require a lot of maintenance, as the burning of fossil fuels to power equipment like trucks and chainsaws will only erase the carbon absorption gains otherwise made.

Carbon Offset Tree