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Carbon Offsetting App

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What does the App do and why should I download it?

The MyTree App lets you compensate for your lifestyle emissions called a Carbon Offset. By answering some simple lifestyle questions you can calculate your carbon footprint with the App. The App then lest you offset your carbon footprint by purchasing trees or carbon credits. It also predicts your future Carbon offset. As your tree/s grow you have more and more carbon offset available. You can also buy and sell carbon credits in the Apps Carbon pool. Individuals or Businesses with a high carbon offset need can buy directly from the carbon pool and become carbon neutral.

The app is called “MyTree”. It will let a user store, purchase, trade, and generate Carbon Offset Credits. It will also be able to calculate a user’s personal carbon footprint if they wish to. They can then use their Carbon Offset Credits to become carbon neutral and/or sell their credits to other users who need them. Carbon Credits can be bought from the pool or in the form of small trees.

You can be “Profitably Carbon Neutral”

A user can buy as many trees as they like or gift them to friends and family. As the trees grow they produce more and more Carbon Offset Credits. A mature tree will produce around 300kg annually.

In fact, 1 acre of forest would offset 200 European flights annually!

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