My Tree Charity

Carbon Banking

We are just in the process of building the first Carbon Banking Trading platform. This application will be available in the form of an App from the App store and on our website.

You can already purchase Carbon Offset Trees from our Tree section. Our app will be launching early Summer 2020.

The app is called “MyTree”. It will let a user store, purchase, trade and generate Carbon Offset Credits. It will also be able to calculate a user’s personal carbon footprint if they wish so. They can then use their Carbon Offset Credits to become carbon neutral and/or sell their credits to other users/companies who need them.

Our App users can purchase a carbon offset Tree (Douglas Fir Tree 50cm) for £25. This tree will produce 1/30of an average person’s annual Carbon Offset. A user can buy as many trees as they like or get friends to gift them trees or vise versa. As the trees grow they produce more and more carbon Offset Credits. A user can use these credits to offset his/her personal Carbon footprint and/or trade these credits in our exchange to companies/individuals who would like to purchase Carbon Offset Credits. The trees belong to the purchaser and we look after them.

Why not check out some of our Trees in our Tree store.